Falling back

Change is as inevitable as the sunrise; the change in weather, time, space and pace. But this change seems rather foreign to me, it seems drastic, although it shouldn’t be. After all, I’m back in a city I’ve once lived in for 14 years. Surely things would just fall back into place?  Pick up the pieces and resume. Easy! So easy it sounds silly to even refute it and I don’t want to sound self pitiful, I really don’t – I’m just feeling incredibly misplaced, lost and directionless. Same city, different reality.

I know that there’s no fighting this change, but the struggle to embrace it is equally challenging. No amount of self-preparation could spare me of such emotions. I didn’t think it would take this much mental and emotional strength to be honest. I spent the entire day unpacking my past 3 years from boxes and suitcases into a room that feels strangely vacant.

I guess what’s making it hard is finally realizing that cliches are cliches because they are true; Home is where the heart is and though it tears me that I left it, I’m just glad it is in good hands.

3 months and counting.


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