Born To Ride

Since purchasing my new Dahon foldable bike, I’ve been keeping a look out for leather bike accessories and ways to customize my new ride. Taipei had plenty but they were pretty pricey. We’re talking thousand over Ringgit for a small leather handlebar pouch. So imagine my excitement when I discovered hand painted bell ringers for USD20! They’re called “Dringdrings” by Canadian Annie Legroulx.

Her unique bicycle bells are  hand-painted bike bells from her Montreal studio. I’m particularly liking the Born To Ride bell ringer! It’ll make a great DIY project! All I need is a bell ringer and some waterproof paint, glaze, time and patience. Will probably add a lil cross boned skull in the middle. Excellent.

Below is a pic of me on my new bike with a massacare of embarrassing doodles around – my first attempt with Bamboo Fun pen & touch tablet. A far cry from what I’m usually capable of with pen on paper. Would love to master the tablet one day, without my illustrations resembling an infant’s Sunday school doodle, unworthy of a fridge-pin-up.


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