Frances Bean Cobain

What happens when you mix Cocaine and Love together?

You get Frances Bean Cobain, the now 19 year old “child” of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (once throned as worst Rock & Roll mother of the century).  Having seen her pictures in tabloid magazines when she was a wee kid – often hanging off a drugged up Courtney with shirt half way down in nipple assault, sticking her tongue out from her smeared lips at the paparazzi –  it feels somewhat ancient and creepy for me to say that Frances Bean Cobain is now all grown up with an interesting allure, staring back at me from the wallpaper on my laptop screen. Yes, she’s my new pin up girl.

At risk of being called a cradle snatcher, here’s my newly updated celebrity “would-do list”:

1. Shannyn Sossamon

2. Rihanna

3. Rihanna Frances Bean Cobain

*Amanda Seyfried a close runner up, but not close enough.

I know, this is rather odd. Me posting up pictures of some celeb’s daughter just seems incredibly shallow – there’s no denying it. But when a friend of mine posted a link of her on Facebook, I did some digging and was instantly captivated by her don’t-fuck-with-me dagger eyes, sultry lips and wavy jet black hair – inked to the bone attitude – all 5 feet 9 of her,  beautifully damaged. And you’d think with all Hollywood Olsen brats, she’d just be a pretty face but here are some interesting facts: she’s not squandered her inheritance nor her “Cobain fame”, was in journalism (albeit at Rolling Stones as an intern) and according to Wikipedia, is an artist with an attitude (July 2010, she debuted a collection of artwork titled “Scumfuck” under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim” at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA). I am particularly drawn to her dark side. I mean, which other teenager would host a suicide-themed party for her “RIP Childhood” 16th birthday? Frances Bean Cobain, that’s who!

Photography by Hedi Slimane

Images extracted from



  1. michelle · · Reply

    i see a pattern in women u fancy :p

    1. And what a beautiful pattern it is 🙂

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  3. Eriko Tsogo · · Reply

    I love the photos, she is a beauty…

  4. Yes she certainly is! Interested to see how she uses her new found fame.

  5. she will use it for something spectacular as do most products of fukked up childhoods :S i know i will 😛

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