10 Things I’d Save From A Fire

While attending to the chirping messages, the flatulent trucks, chiming Macbook and beeping whatsapp, Michelle casually turned to me this morning and asked “What would you save if the house was on fire?” It got me thinking – and I try my hardest not to at 9am or as I’d like to call it “BC” (read: Before Coffee) – so here’s my response in no order of importance, 10 things I’d save from a Fire.

*List excludes love ones and consumables. No material gifts were subjected to a yard stick of worth from said person(s) for the construction of this list. List is not set in stone. List is subject to change. List is below.

#1. Macbook Air – for reasons that should I need to explain, would be a damn shame.

#2. Hard drive – my entire digital life from photos, movies, portfolio, music library to that blackmail worthy picture you told me to delete that I said I did but in fact didn’t. Seeing that you’d get “supremely famous one day”,  I’m just holding on to it in good faith. wink.

#3. Panasonic Lumix GF1 – the one and only camera I would save from the entire collection. (*not endorsed by Panasonic lmtd)

#4. Bronze eagle necklace – a valentines gift from M (would look better on my neck than in a pile of ash)

#5. iPhone – so that I can tweet and let everyone know the disaster that unfolded. (kidding) (or am I?)

#6. The watch my parents gave me for graduation that my sister wanted to exchange hers with – I’d rather let it burn to be honest. (kidding) (or am I?)

#7. That black handbag with the gold chains –  not because I need it but because my parents gave it to me for my 30th. Big sentimental whoop.

#8. Midori Journal – priceless pictures, mindless doodles and intimate scribbles. And also because that’s where I keep my atm card.

#9. Family heirloom – a pair of diamond ear-rings, the only piece of my grandma that was left to me.

#10. Dahon bike – for when I’m escaping the fire, hallmarking a “Run Forrest, runnnn!” moment. (eg. Ride Tercia, rideeeee!”) Cue in this song as my heroic ride away anthem as balls of fire explode in the background. Slow motion. 


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