10 Movies I’d watch 10 times over.

Moving wallpapers in the background, these are movies I could work to, sleep to, make-out to…

….and no, Titanic is not on the list.

1. Zoolander

2. Kick-Ass

3. Sucker Punch 

4. Saving Face

5. FoxFire

6. Dancer in the Dark

7. Forrest Gump

8. CQ Dragonfly

9. Lost & Delirious

10. As Good As It Gets



  1. i would really like to know how do u make out to any of those movies above…

    1. Hah. Wouldn’t you like to know! :p

  2. hmmm… are u gonna show me if i really do wanna know?!?!


    1. Haha. That’s got to be one of the lamest pick up line used on me – ever!

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