33 Ways

I found the list online and thought it would be a fun project to make it visual, drawing it back to my own experiences. I’ve taken it literally,  especially #26, but I try not to read too much into it and use whatever images/memory pops up at me at first glance.

1. I make lists all the time. I can not stop making lists. I have lists for practically everything. i.e movie collection

2. My notebook is more precious than my wallet.

3. Tick

4. I walk in the garden every now and then for a smoke.

5. Does my golden waving cat count? Apparently she’s good luck.

6. This posts explains it all – Not Yet Thirty

7. They don’t call it creative juices for nothing. *hic*

8. I rock it in the shower but I’m better at lip-syncing though.

9. Every morning.

10. Kiss my puwet.

11. Phantogram.

12. Like M, I’d like to get spiritual with a Shaman and envision myself as an eagle!

13. I’ve got plenty of them around. Exhibit A.

14. Does feedback from Facebook count?

15. We are creators of all sorts of oddities!

16. Finally learned how to shoot my Lumix GF1 with depth!

17. Plenty of practice with Jenga. Currently 2 weeks undefeated!

18. 3 phones in 6 months. Water and iPhone is a big no no.

19. Taipei in August

20. Its not a foreign film but its on a rather foreign subject, so, still foreign to me!

21. 🙂

22. 3 things I learned since unemployment – 1. Sleeping in is operated 2. Bones and Booth get it on in Season 6. 3. Palate is closed on Mondays

23. Back to the unknown.

24. Drinking from my own flask at bars is kinda breaking the rules. Right?

25. Travel

26. Forgive and forget.

27. Live

28. Joy

29. A perfect me for you is not me at all.

30. Coffee table book?

31. My desk is always neat. *beams*

32. Sometimes I think I’m having too much fun.

33. Pack pack pack!

Here’s a shorter version of the list

And a video to go with it


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