Cleaning up for a better Malaysia

While I’m not one to get politically involved, I feel that this is an important moment in our nation’s history. I woke up this morning to a string of SMSes from a dear friend of mine who has asked me to share this and I do so, wholeheartedly. 

Malaysians from all walks of life have travelled a very long road to reach this defining point in our nation’s history. With less than 24 hours to our intended peaceful gathering, our resolve to walk the last, most difficult mile as one united people in pursuit of clean and fair elections and a better Malaysia for all is firmer than ever.

Our reason for gathering is pure and simple – to demand the electoral roll be cleaned, that the postal voting system be reformed, that indelible ink be used, a minimum 21 day campaign period be instated, free and fair access to media for all be provided, public institutions be strengthened, and for corruption as well as dirty politics to be stopped.

The authorities have put obstacle after obstacle where they only needed to provide sincere cooperation to win the trust and confidence of the people. Having faced half hearted offers of stadiums, arrogance regarding meetings as well as denials of permits, arrests, detentions and so much more, we feel that we have done all that is humanly possible to demonstrate sincerity and good faith in dealing with the government – but we have only been met with reversed decisions and stone walls.

There are no walls however, that will arrest the advance of the cause of peace and justice. Come the 9th of July, we will uphold our constitutional right to converge peacefully on Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

No government agency has any right whatsoever to prevent Malaysians from exercising their freedom of movement and access to our capital city. No threat or intimidation can overturn this fundamental truth.

Malaysians have now seen for themselves the degree of paranoia and lack of principled leadership that seems to have gripped the government. It is thus all the more imperative that patriotic Malaysians rise now and take this stand together to save Malaysia from slipping further into this insane darkness.

Since the beginning of Bersih 2.0, we have witnessed nothing but the utmost bravery and commitment to peace and justice demonstrated by ordinary Malaysians from every walk of life. Inspired by this example, the Bersih 2.0 leadership reiterates our own unyielding commitment to our shared cause, and to being at Stadium Merdeka at 2pm tomorrow. We will meet at the carpark, and trust that the doors will be opened for us.

This is Malaysia’s single most important defining moment in recent history, and we are fully confident that the rakyat will heed the call to safeguard the principles Malaysia was founded on and together ensure that we pass down to our children a nation that is just, democratic and united in love for one another.

Released by,

Steering Committee

Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0)

Know & exercise your rights.

If you’re braving the government’s scare tactics to join the rally, please make sure you read  the article below by PY on facebook.

*I’ve not disclosed any full names, should it be used and held against said person(s).

In lieu of the information highway, here are my notes at the workshop held from lawyers for liberty.

Numbers to be on your phone

Selangor Legal Aid Centre 03 5510 7007,

KL Legal Aid Centre 03 2691 3005 / 2693 2072


Props -What to bring on 9th July fiesta

1. Your IC – or the police would have a reason to charge you

2. Common sense and politeness

3. Picture snapper when some one else is being hurt

4.goggles, salt and toothpaste to avoid the burn of the teargas.

Dealing with the characters – Police


Scene 1. The Stops

(Police menyoal siasat anda semasa diberhentikan )

(- The police questions you while you are stop )

You : “Introduce yourself – Name, IC and address that’s it.”

Police : Question yang lain lain seperti

“Apa you buat di sini? ”

“Mengapa you suka kuning pening sangat lol?” etc etc

You : (bersopan sekali) “Adakah saya sedang ditangkap?”

(Politely)  “Am I being arrested?”

Tick tock wait for the answer. Sometimes answers are implicit.


  1. Police :” Ya”   : ” Yes” 
  2. Tidak membenarkan anda berlalu/mahu membawa anda ke Balai PolisRestrain you from passing/wants to bring you to the Police Station
  3. Menggari andaHandcuffs youJika anda tidak ditangkap, anda boleh berlalu/menolak untul mengikutnya ke Balia Polis atau ke mana sahaja, jika diminta.If you are not arrested, you may pass go/or choose not to follow the dude to the Police station or anywhere else when requested

Scene 2 -OK YOU ARE ARRESTED, what now?

Okay Police don’t let me pass go. What do You and I do.

  2. You : “Why am I being arrested?” The police have to respond to this question and an arrest is unlawful if they have no grounds to arrest you. Possible to sue for Civil Suit and ever single statistic count. (reminder…always be polite and you know you will not need to stoop to their level
  3. Remember the name of the officer who arrest you– in the event an unlawful act is incited, you can sue for damages or at least lodge a report (governments love statistic so your report counts)
  4. Note your time of arrest. Police can detain Malaysian a max of  24hours. Non-Malaysians note the police can detain you for 2 weeks.
  5. The police cannot take your personal belongings away until you reach the police station where an inventory form will be filled out which notes all your personal belongings

Scene 3 – Police Questioning – the fake befriender

  1. Don’t be an Ass yourself. BE PoliteIntroduce yourself – Name, IC and address that’s all that is required.They will talk about your family etc etc. Other than your basic information (name, ic address age blabla) you have a right to remain silent. This is your right and if you choose to remain silent, speak “ I wish to use my right to remain silent”“Saya ingin menggunakan hak saya untuk berdiam diri”
  2. 112 Statement during investigationAIO – assistant investigatuing Officer will be taking notes. The police will ask various questions and jot everything down. The police cannot threaten nor force you to give a statement. If you are threaten, hit or forced upon, make a police report at once. (statistic statistic )
  3. When making a 112 Statement, you may choose to not answer any implicating questions.Contoh :Police : “Adakah beliau tahu warna kuning, menening kepala kita dan kerana itu perhimpunan ini tidak sah?””Are you aware that the colour yellow gives us a headache and hence the gathering is not legal?”

    You : please don’t say yes or no. Cakap

    “Saya menggunakan hak berdiam diri dan akan menjawab di mahkamah.””I have the right to remain silent and I will answer that in court” 

Avoid the empty banter with the police. Just focus on your answers to the questions. Please don’t implicate yourself or your friends.

  1. DON”t implicate yourself or your friends. No need to be hero
  2. Never plead guilty because you know you aren’t.


Scene 9.7.11 – Preparation For Action

What to do on 9th July

– Bring your IC

– Send out to your friends your medical information and number etc.

 For your safety go in a group. Don’t go alone. Safety in numbers.


Scene 9.7.11 -If someone is harassed,

-During the walk

disperse in groups, don’t run and record the harassment for a police report

– At the lock up

– If someone’s medicine is not given  or another detainee gets beaten up. Note the details and make a police report.

More action information from the Idiot’s guide to 9th July : –


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