Someone else’s lunch

It’s amazing how we insulate ourselves in our own little cocoon – comforted by the environment we create in our everyday lives. It’s only when we step outside our somewhat monastic existence that we realize there are other ways of living. We wonder what life would be like if  we had the guts to leave our dead end job, home, routine, loveless marriage, life of religious constraint and the list rolls on. We wonder what it would be living abroad, chasing our passions, living the dream. Wonder. It’s all we do when we’re paralyzed with fear. Our souls become static. We’re held captive, only our thoughts are free to roam.

Indecision is the mistress of fear. We value what other people say and think too much. We become puppets to opinions. You should cut your hair, you shouldn’t move abroad, you can’t leave your job at a time like this, you have to plan your next step, you must think long term, you’re going to regret it, you shouldn’t waste your money like that, you should get married and have kids….. sound familiar?

Our inability to make decisions, no matter how piddling, handicaps us. It’s as simple as the act of asking a friend what you should have for lunch. You shouldn’t allow other people to make your decisions, no one has the right to decide what you eat, where you belong or the meaning of life – unless you allow them to. It all boils down to choice. Make your own sacrosanct choices, don’t be afraid to make a wrong decision and screw up because whatever happens, there is no greater tragedy than living someone else’s life and eating someone else’s lunch.



  1. Very well written, babe…=)

    It’s the fear of the unknown, and the worry that we’ll look back and regret the decisions we made at that crucial point in life…did we choose wrongly, did we do enough, etc. But after doing the one thing that nobody probably ever expected I’d do (I still get occasional, and dare I say, almost indignant cries of ‘But you guys were the perfect couple!’…haha), there are no regrets and I’m happier for it!

    1. Thanks babe. You’re a strong lady and you did what you felt was right, and that’s the best decision one can make – your own decision. Kudos to you!!

  2. shanchung · · Reply

    love this article very much tercia. after reading it me and my wife make the biggest decision. We book an air tix to fly to one of the place we very longing to go to :).
    Who cares abt the money, it will never be enough. There is always other way to get it back.
    I think some time we have to let go and chase our dream if not we just die dreaming.
    Thanks again me and my wife really like your blog. Keep on writing

    1. I’m touched that my humble blog post helped you make a major decision. I’m flattered even! Yes, I totally agree about money. It can always be earned but it can never buy more time. Life is too short to put our dreams on hold so good on you for realizing that! Where are you both flying off to?

      1. shanchung · · Reply

        where it all begins 🙂 PERTH! yeah i knw it mayb a place where no body wants to go as is boring but is where my wife and i really spend our uni years. We will be roaming ard perth lookin for knick knacks and hunting for food and cheap thrills.

  3. Hey thanks for this one.

    It is for me.. life changing.


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