Stuff I work with…

“This isn’t a dress rehearsal and you aren’t getting any younger.”

Its what parents say when you tell them you’re about to quit your job. My dad’s reaction went something like this…..”What? Then what are you going to do!? Travel? No need to save ah?! Aiyah Tercia ahhhh, you need to learn to save! *grunts* Do whatever you want lah!” He must be worried sick and mad with rage with his hippy daughter, jetting off every now and then, throwing money on experience instead of a home loan. Poor daddy.

Parental woes aside, it’s a truly liberating feeling when you quit your job. Especially when it is by choice. This is not an eat, pray, love thing. Rather, more an exploitation of eat, bum, travel. 2 weeks before I start hopping from cities to islands and back. Pure indulgence of the body, mind and bank balance. I’ve been saving up for months for this and now that its finally here, it feels surreal. Good thing I have 2 months of freelance work to keep the moolah rolling in. If only I could sustain my lifestyle purely on freelancing! Sending off emails while sipping piña colada on a cloudless beach. In a mountain cabin, fishing by a river working on my laptop, having a cold beer while waiting for the next bite. Sitting naked on a bean bag….oh how the mind starts to wander.

As far as unemployment goes, time isn’t as abundant as it seems. I thought I’d have a relaxing month before the madness kicks in but alas, it has already begun – the packing, the catching up with mates, the holiday planning; the to-do-list just keeps getting longer (and to think I was worried I’d be idle with indolence). So I made it a point on my first day of “funemployment” to get myself sorted. I didn’t get drunk the night before and sleep in, nor spend hours on end in front of the telly. Instead, I got up at 7am and organized my work space at home. With everything that’s going on in my head, I just needed to sort out one aspect of my life to feel slightly comforted. I find it therapeutic when things appear to be in order. I’m told its a Capricorn’s curse.



Stuff I work with….

1. My thumbdrive/hard drive.

2. Stationary – a mighty good Lamy and Sharpie

3. Postit and stickies, tabs and markers

4. My journal of course – for paper, leisure and leather. I’m a big note take and serial doodler.

5. Headphones to block out environmental distractions.

6. Coffee & Cigarettes.

7. iPad for on the go email replies and document viewing. Phones don’t cut it and sometimes the laptop is too bulky.

8. Mouse pad, wrist cushion and Microsoft Arc Mouse(!) – Sidenote: Best Mouse ever!

9. Multiple usb ports extension to get hooked up!

10. A bag to carry all the cables, wires and loose items.



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