Standing in the rain….

Woke up to morning rain, a rarity and a blessing in my geographical locale. I’m all for sun and chirpy birds but the cool change is a welcome from the humidity and although it might seem a little too quintessential to blog about a rainy morning, I figured its all about being in the moment. So here’s a poem by Richa and a few pictures I snapped, in between coffee and emails before rushing off to work. Nothing grand. Just one of those nearly ordinary mornings.


Standing in the rain…

By Richa

Green and clean
Like a dream
The earth appears
As if washed
The raindrops fall
Drenching leaves
One and all
Like a dew drop on the leaf
Like ambrosia on my lips
Like the quencher on thirsty flowers
I am standing in the rain
It’s dripping down me
Beginning with my hair
Reaching out to eyes
Mixing with tears
Drowning my cries
Cold water drops
They roll down my cheek
Soothe the pain
Take away the heat
Trickle down my bosom
Cooling my senses
I feel –
Long accumulated sorrows
Long frozen hatred
All melt down
Hopelessness degrades
Fears decrown….



  1. so marvelous, so wonderful.. so beautiful!
    thank you my luv.

    1. You must miss your garden! You’ll be back in about 10 days 🙂 Netti is furiously tending to your plants for your arrival!

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