Stuff I carry in my bag….

Stuff I carry in my bag varies but this is what I’m lugging around today.

Can’t leave home without: (In no order of importance)

1. iPhone 3GS from Digi

2. Purse from Cactus Jam QV Melbourne

3. Midori Traveller notebook from NBC Singapore

4. Pen from Kikki K Melbourne

5. Marlboro Lights from a mamak in Taman Tun Dr.Ismail

6. Cigarette leather cover is a gift from an acquaintance who bought it from Japan.

7. Zippo lighter from Atria Damansara Jaya

8. Burts Bees lip balm, shu uemura blue eyeshadow and Sephore charcoal eyeliner (in black casing)

9. House keys on a Darth Vadar lego keychain from Kareen.

10. Acqua Di Gio cologne for men from Duty Free

11. Burberry Blue Label purse from my darling brother from his trip to Japan.

12. Ray Ban from Chiang Mai Night Market.

12. Optional reading material. In which case, today its When You Are Engulfed By Flames – David Sedaris

*Think I’ll leave out the flask – least I’m pegged as an alcoholic.

What’s in YOUR bag?




  1. OMG, David Sedaris.

  2. Ha, de-lurking to say that David Sedaris is hilarious! Coincidentally, I’m carrying around the same book in my bag.

  3. Wow we seem to have a David Sedaris following here! My kinda people 🙂

  4. noice…i dread to pull out all the stuff i carry around

  5. 🙂

    am loving the leathers and now curious bout Sedaris.

    oh by the way..

    …I hope this don’t sound weird or anything.

    But.. may I ask?

    Were you wearing a purple top and checkered shorts/or-something when you took this pic?

    *hope this don’t sound stalker-ish*

    1. Wow you’re rather observant. Yes I was in my pj’s. Now I kinda feel naked. And yes it does sound kinda stalkerish! I best stay away from reflective surfaces next time. *hides*

  6. *blush*

    sorry it’s for the accidental stalking-ish.


    well.. i blame it on csi. too much of something is never good.

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