Word Up!

Matt & I being our usual geeky silly self with an iPad app called HollerGram developed by MANY! And guess what? It’s FREE!

Holler Gram turns your iPad into a physical messaging platform – a glowing sign – that you can load with a message and hold up to show the people around you. At the same time, you can also tweet your message, with a hashtag, right from within the app.

We didn’t put much thought into this but it kinda worked in our favor – kinda. So, just for shit & giggles, here’s how we word it up! Matt and I need to sit down and write a proper script – or just get drunk and wing it! Either way, we’re not done with this app yet! Next time we’ll have sombrero, a banana and legos as props.

Test Run 0.1

So there you have it, an open ended story line. Will Matt give in to Tersh’s hissy fit, farts, verbal abuse and guilt-tripping bambi eyes or will he stay firm and remain “unfollowed”? That’s for you to decide but for now, let’s just say the fart really was a stinker.


Got thought?

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