Its oh so quiet….

The crickets in the background, the stagnant page and dried ink under my nails. When I go quiet on my blog, you can be rest assured that i am either:

  • a. doing something worthwhile with my time like reading, doodling illustrations, researching my next trip, booking flights, doing work related stuff, going to gigs (thanks to an insistent musician friend of mine), downloading movies, playing PVZ….yaknow, stuff that matters.


  • b. passed out in a pool of vomit, swimming in self-hating, look-at-my-fat-thighs, whats-the-point-anyway pile of useless worrying, convinced everyone hates me.


  • c. out in the garden taking pictures of pet figurines, key chains and so on.

This post is about the latter. Why? Because I’m still trying to figure out my Lumix GF1. Wouldn’t it be dandy if they came alive?


Got thought?

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