On which another day begins

KL skies have been vicious with storms and thunderous bolts of lightning, savagely destroying everything in its way; electronics, road accidents, fallen trees, homes on fire, sliding doors and glass panes amongst many casualties. I too have felt its wrath from the concrete safety of home, and yelped at every strike and screamed when the lights flickered before the darkness enveloped. Netti the house help, hung up a large sheet of tarpaulin to block out the rain in an attempt to prevent the patio from flooding over. It has been an eye sore for the last few days, covering most part of the greenery that I love gazing out on. But as the sun rose this morning, it created a mixture of Prussian blues and cerulean hues against the blank crimson walls in the living room. The flora hidden behind its thick fabric projected shadows of random patterns by the shrubs and leaves, blowing gently in the wind like theatrical silhouettes, playing under the sun light.

On which I am reminded how days can end in Stygian nights, carried over to see another day in radiant luster.


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