PLAY time in Singapore

First time at “PLAY”, a Lesbian club in Singapore with Libbie, Rubz, Klara and Klaire, my new found drunkard. A bottle of wine, cocktails, beer and shooters later, we live to drink see another day! Klara and I were guzzling since noon, thanks to our bottomless bladder and lack of abstinence. How I still managed to stand on my feet at 4am, is beyond the laws of gravity. In a nut shell, one of us puked (several times), one of us lost our wallet and one of us bought two tickets to a gay party she couldn’t attend. Quite eventful indeed, even though none of us got laid. Meh. It’s no fun having a one night stand with a chick. Too much drama after. And besides, I’m happily attached. I one day hope, to settle down and have a commitment ceremony. *cue in violin*

Pffffftt! Till then, lap it up yo! Drink, Meet and Be Skanky! (I kid I kid. I’m a good one I am!)

Foreword: If you’re hetero and easily offended by the L word and gay antics, I suggest you go spank yourself. You might like it.


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