Things that make me go “Ahhhhhhh”

First off, Jessy just got back from her trip in Barcelona and she bought me an odd little pill box with questionable neon colored candy called “Happy Pills”. It looked like candy on acid in a diabetic box.

Nonetheless I was taken by its packaging and somewhat pharmaceutical look. Did a bit of googling and found out that Happy Pills is the love child of Studio M , a Graphic Design firm and agancy in Spain. The concept is simple: a self-service pharmacy, with the antibiotic looking pills in containers and clinical bottles on display. You pick the bottle or container of your choice and assort yourself with some sugar high happy pills!!

What a refreshing concept and creative branding!

Diem Chau is a testament of what patience and imagination can create. His carved crayons are a work of art!

BESPOKE by Williams are twisted offbeat handmade trunks, a practical carrier for your out of the box belongings. Love it!

“Bridal leather, saddle stitched, with custom metal fasteners …

it all sounds so elegant, which makes the uniquely bent and angled shapes of these suitcases and chests and pop out all the more.”

I first saw the EVIAN – ‘Live Young’ campaign in Singapore, down the long flight of escalators in the much acclaimed Ion luxury mall.

I thought it was brilliant – Simple, straight to the point, no copy or explanation needed – just a simple tagline, an idea that can go far in terms of marketing materials, TV ads, merchandise…etc. I’d like to have coffee with whoever came up with this! The video especially, is a tremendous effort. I find myself watching it over and over again – puts a wide Cheshire cat smile on my face.


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  1. Ahhh I kept walking past this shop in Barcelona … *heart*

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