P.S I loaf you

Had one of the best Breakies at PS cafe on Dempsy Hill when I was in Singapore. Perfectly poached eggs Benedict with creamy hollandaise sauce over slices of ham and freshly baked English muffins. It was certainly one of the highlights of my trip. I’ve heard heaps about PS Cafe but have always opted for HOUSE up the hill. There’s one on Orchard too so make sure to check it out, though the one on Dempsy is a more unique concept; a glasshouse shack tucked within lush greens with massive trees towering over. If you have the chance, try their desserts. Apparently it is sweetly overpriced and grossly under rated.




  1. Haha! I love how you still do these little comic strip designs! I always opt for House too, just seems/ sounds cooler huh?

  2. The eggs benedict looks absolutely lovely, babe. We went to The White Rabbit the last time we were at Dempsey Hill…will definitely try PS Cafe if we go to Singapore again…=) Have you been to Wild Honey? My absolute favourite!

    1. Oh you don’t say! I’ve tried like 10 different breakies on their menu. Wild Honey is one of the only reason I even bother to go to Mandarin Gallery 🙂 Would love to go to The White Rabbit! How was it? What’s it like? Its the one set in an old church yes?

      1. Yup, it’s the one set in an old church. Ambience is lovely, it’s spacious with high ceilings, and I’ve read good reviews about the food. The brekkie we had there was good, but personally, I feel Wild Honey still wins hands down.

        Ahhh…I’m reminiscing about the European Breakfast now…and those lovely waffles with mango and vanilla mascarpone and toasted coconut flakes….

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