Chicken Soup for the Creative Soul

So you see, I’ve been hit with a nasty viral.

Been down for the past 2 days; swollen throat, fiery head throbs and body aches – first indication of the vicious viral was when I woke up to a caved in throat. I couldn’t inhale from my mouth and I lost my voice, it even hurt to swallow! An exclamation that received some rather perverse retorts. Adding upon this sudden and unfortunate health crash, my iPhone decided to die on me too – apparently I spend so much time with it that we’ve formed the same umbilical chord. I crash, she crash. Thank Jobs for the iPad and Macbook though, being bed bound with these two gadgets can be rather theurapeutic – along with season 6 of How I Met Your Mother. Throw in some prescribed medication and there you have it, tech on crack.

So in an attempt to revive my lethargic soul, I decided to go on a web search for Chicken Soup inspiration to get the creative juices going again. Here’s what I found.

The Cube

by Park Associati & Electrolux

Launching on the 31st of March, this pop up restaurant will be appearing across unexpected locations across Europe! First being atop the Parc du Cinquantenair in Brussels. Commisioned by Electrolux, “The Cube” can seat up to 18 diners, with an open space to a visible kitchen and one single table that can be raised above to create an open concept lounge area for post-dining cocktail relaxation. Superb!

The Tic Tac Toe Stamp

Play this childhood game in stamp fun form. Create all sorts of patterns and prints with basic shapes. Decorate the pages in your journal, wrapping papers, calendars, greeting cards, fabrics and all sorts! This would be a gem to the stationary collection I’ve got going.


Here’s some other gorgeous stamp sets you can get at their online shop: Yellow Owl Workshop


Freshome Pillow Spills

As described in the etsy store, its perfect for Boyfriends, Foodies and Kids! Made from Eco-Felt, 100% recycled plastic bottles, the pillows are completely handmade, it is cute as it is quirky. The spill comes separately so you can play around with the designs. Would add some character to the tv, craft or study room for sure!

Brain Bulbs



Art Chic(k)


And last but not least, I bought some old mags for warehouse price lately and stumbled upon an inspiring chick in Dumbo Feather’s 25th Issue (2010).  Her name is Ming-Zhu Hii, she’s based in Melbourne, runs a shop, a studio dubbed The Public Studio”, she blogs, has a website and an online store – truly inspiring. Aside from that, she’s about to run her own gallery slash art space and juggles between being a mother of two, hence the name of her shop Orlando and Ivy. Ainnit precious? Oh and did I mention she’s kinda hot? Yes she is. Not just a pretty face tho!  Would love to meet her one day, pick her brains over some cocktails at Cookie bar.



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