Hello my name is Tercia…

… and I hate you.

Well, no not really. Unless it was you who hid rotten eggs in my duvet back in 9th grade, then yes, I do. Very much so.

But hate, it’s such a strong word isn’t it? One that shouldn’t be used loosely. We all sit more comfortably on the word ‘dislike’, unless a slew of vulgarity should follow then the word ‘hate’ instantly becomes part and parcel of an expression like, “I effing hate male chauvinistic pigs!” as opposed to “I hate overly sweetened tea!”. Get my drift?

While there are many things I dislike in a person;  his/her total disregard for someones emotions, manipulative streak, blatant lies and innate need to belittle someone to feel superior and so forth, but I don’t use the word ‘hate’ often. Sometimes I find myself inching towards the brink of it when say, a person criticizes my lifestyle or sexual preference, but even then, I hold the whip of my tongue and save the word “hate” for someone who really deserves it – like, for instance, the person I’m about to lash out on.

I’m not saying that I’m completely faultless. I’m not sitting on a pedestal fanning myself with the feathers of righteousness, pointing fingers and throwing my head back in wicked laughter. But where you’re concerned, hate – although a very strong word – peaks its ugly head and I’m gonna have to face the fact that, yes, I do hate you.




1. For what you did to you-know-who. Oh yes you do! Denying it only sheds truth on your lies. Everyone knows it. Your ‘friends’ talk about it all the time, you just don’t know it because you’re too self-involved to pick up on a sarcastic praise.

2. For manipulating people to make a quick buck. Hope the sound of coins falling on the ground makes as big of an auditory ripple in your lonely shell when you find yourself all  a  l  o  n  e.

3. For bragging about stuff that just ain’t true and when it bites you back in the ass, play dumb and deny you ever did that, said it or effd her. Aiyo. Shame shame. What would your mama say?

4. For being petty, your poor little rich girl. You only take, you don’t give.

5. For being a con artist – financially and emotionally. Honestly, if you’re losing people around you, instead of pointing fingers at everyone else, perhaps it’s time to face the ugly truth –  It’s not them, its you.

So, dear ‘you’ whom I’m pretty much over with, time to take a long look at yourself. I know it ain’t a pretty sight but it’s about time you do, and when you do, remember to have a puke pail handy,  just in case.


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