Design Montage

*Just a post where I feature some crafts and quirky objects in montage form.



Personalized stitched canvases by Laura Belle. Check out her blog here and her stuff on Etsy!


Fantastic letterpress typography

by Jessica Hische. Check out her full range here!


I took the letters of my name and created a montage from the individual type prints.

Design makes everything look better.


Letterpressed on Crane’s 110lb Lettra paper, these individual letters are a selection from the first six alphabets of the Daily Drop Cap project. Printed in an edition of 75. For a great wedding gift, purchase two letters and an ampersand! Each print is 8″x8″. For a quick and inexpensive way of displaying, I suggest Plywerk panels with pre-applied adhesive.

Birdfeeder by Pascal Charmolu

Love the suction cup idea. Watch the video here.

The Fish Hotel

The Umbra Fish Condo is the first 21st century Fishbowl. It gives your Goldfish or Fighting Fish a wonderful combination of privacy and light. And gives any room it’s in a visual lift for humans. The Fish Condo (or Fish Hotel as it’s also known) is a square glass fishbowl dropped into a white plastic shell. It’s see through from five sides and totally open on the top. It’s easily stackable, and cutouts on opposing sides at the top also double as easy carry handles –


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