Royally sick

Okay, I’ve got nothing against weddings or Prince William and his bird but it can be incredibly nauseating to see pictures of happily wed couples walking down the isle with gloating smiles and beaming white denticles. Good. For. You.*sense the lack of enthusiasm*

By the way, I have lots of weddings to attend to this year so if yours is one of them, please do not take direct offense. I love you and all but this is royally not about you. Its about them. *Points below at Exhibit A.


It’s just that lately, I can’t help feeling my tummy churn when I see lovey dovey poesy images of William and Kate on magazine covers, tabloid papers and weird Will & Kate merchandise online.




As the days roll by, there’s been increasing suspense and focus over the Royal weds, which is why I think its so apt and WICKED that UK artist Lydia Leith designed some awesome “Royal Wedding Sick Bags”.

Place your orders today:


Give me one of those cos I’m probably going to chuck between the doggie ring bearer and bouquet throwing ceremony.

And no, it’s not about you Faizal/Mon, Melissa/Alvin, Debbie Chan – the only thing I’ll be chucking at your wedding(s) is a whole lot of liquid sick from drinking your bar dry. Yes it will happen and yes you should have a contingency plan, when it happens. Cos it will. Just saying.


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