Design Infographics

I’m an incredibly visual person. It’s a curse, like when a friend passes on a sexual connotation involving someone I know, doing something lewd to a cutlery that I so happen to have in my hand. My mind takes on a mind of its own (if that’s even possible) and my imagination runs wild, deep into the crux of the unmentionable. Mushroom soup ruined.

Gutter mind aside, I find it much easier to absorb information when they’re in the form of images, fonts, graphics, symbols…etc. I can’t bear to look at statistics and graphs like how I had to when I was in secondary and uni. My vision becomes blotchy and I start seeing green spots, my head begins to feel heavy and after about 5 restless seconds, I phase out and start daydreaming about my next meal. Subway. Yes, I believe I’ll have that honey oat bread with seafood mix. The only numbers that’ll come to mind is …”6 inch or 12 inch?”

Why didn’t they have info-graphics when I was in my tertiary years? It would have been way easier to memorize dates, events and data; like say if an Anzac biscuit had bullet shots indicating the number 1915, the year Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. I would’ve remembered that! It would have been seared into my mind and return to haunt every time I look at a cookie or bicky. (By the way, I found out that info online. The Victorian education system failed me. Google to the rescue.)

So here’s a collection of some infographics – some informative, some funny and some just plain pretty! You learn something new everyday but thanks to infographics, you learn a whole lot more in every poster





  1. Wow Tersh! How did you manage to find all these? It’s amazing (and pretty)!

    I’ve never paid attention to infographics before, but yes, it does deliver the message better than boring ol’ charts and numbers…=)

    1. Heya, Thanks babe. I’ve been collecting them for months 🙂 I’m attempting to make one of my own in fact.
      Maybe on a sapphic topic.

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