The Monkey

Michelle sent me a snapshot of an astrology reading for

“The Monkey”.

Now, I’m no star sign believer, moon worshiper, tea leaf reader or tarot reading gypsy (aside from that one time). As far as I’m concerned, the only semblance I have to a Monkey is my freakishly disproportional arms,  but this is as accurate coincidental as it gets.

“Monkeys involved in creative work such as writing or art will be more inspired and highly regarded.

When seeking for work, attention to details will open up significant windows of opportunity.

February, September and November should be outstanding months for their careers. 2011 will be the

year for the Monkey to move forward, leaving any disappointments and regrets behind.”

My take on it? Well, I’m leaving back to Australia for good in September. Last month which so happened to be February, I was approached by Editor in Chief  of luxury magazine The Peak to illustrate the map of Bali. My first published art work. There’s also no denying that I am very much involved in writing and practically possessed by all things artistic – as manifested in my blog. So all in, I wouldn’t pass this off as gibberish.


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