Remember being charmed in Chiang Mai?

I took almost 1,000 pictures…

…..enough to fill an 8GB memory card. After trimming over 600 pictures, I uploaded about 400 on Facebook and saved my favorite 10 for this blog post. I can’t explain how self-tormenting it is to have to pick my favorites, given that I often take a liking to blurry edges, shaky images and untimed movements. I like how a picture of a misplaced tea spoon can bring me back to a scent or feeling. Or how a picture under the table can revive the tenor of a midnight conversation shared between friends. The pictures featured on this post most likely will not comply to picture perfect pre-requisites set by professional photographers. I guess the natural nature of things appeal to me more than the lighting, cropping and angling. In other words, I’m still trying to figure out the settings on my Lumix GF1.

③ Reasons why I  ♥ Chiang Mai


1. Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest places in Thailand, untarnished by greed and the need to rip off visitors for a quick buck.

Even when they hike up the prices, they’re always within reason, unlike Bangkok.


2. The city is fueled by a cornucopia of colorful handicrafts, historical Wats (temples),

delicious delicacies, cultural festivities and countless pavement stalls and arcades at night markets.


3. There’s always something waiting to be stumbled upon within hidden lanes tucked in friendly neighborhoods.

A thrill of discovery on every corner!


p.s Alcohol is cheap





























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