5 Random Things That Made Me Smile Today

Lego Spongebob Terminator Mecha

A project by rack911’s shows what’s really under the skin of Spongebob, and it’s definitely not squishy.

Planters Nutmobile

The Planters Nutmobile has gotten an eco-makeover just in time for its debut tonight at the Global Green Oscars

preparty in Los Angeles. Would love to live in one and take a road trip across South America!


Type The Sky!

Lisa Rienermann takes shapes one step further, arranging the voids into a typographic language that’s literally constructed from the skyline. Now available in book form. I reckon I shouldn’t procrastinate my Global Footprints project – inspired by my talk with Matt last night on publishing a coffee table book. Further inspired now by Lisa 🙂

Going Solo Can Be Fun…

…on the Solowheel.

Step aside Segway, someone just reinvented the wheel!


Luxury In A Bubble

To wrap things up, here’s some environmental exhibitionism for nature lovers.

Oh how I’d love to camp out in the woods in one of these!



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