Remember when you cried in Philippines?

“Remember when…?”


The nostalgia that follows these two words, never fails to revive faint smiles, forgotten faces, familiar scents and misplaced spaces.

While migrating my files from the Macbook to the Macbook Air, I stumbled upon some forsaken pictures stashed away deep within the trenches of my hard drive. What a pity to leave it laying dormant – I can almost see its Kilobyte files curling and fraying from its corners. To keep them from fading away like a distant memory,  I’ve decided to start a series of posts; each featuring 10 of my favorite pictures snapped from different travel destinations, along with 3 reasons why I love that place.


❸ Reasons why I ♡ Philippines

1. The warmth of its people and the exposure to extreme poverty instilled

a sense of humbleness, that no other place can, till this very day.

2. I considered myself maternally barren until I met the homeless children

of Mindanao, whom in return, turned me into a mother hen!

3. They don’t waste anything! Have you tried their local dishes?

Everything down to a pig’s hoof is cooked and served as delicacy.





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