Mama’s got a new toy!

As a bday treat to myself, I bought the Lumix Panasonic GF1. A compact DSLR wit interchangeable lens, it’s time to step it up a lil. I wasn’t prepared to pay an additional couple hundred just for a red or white colored body so I decided to save the cash on a plain black, and modify it. Here’s what it looked like originally…


This is what it looks like now after I modified it with white leather stickers to give it more character. I LOVE IT!

*Thanks Kareen for getting the skin as part of my bday present.



I’ve been playing around with the different mode and settings but yet to have mastered this gadgetry.

Here are some snapshots of faces and places so far – first up is my recent day out with Mich for lunch at Champs.





Here’s some snapshots of my office space, followed by evidence of un-productivity between Kareen and I.

In my defense, she started it first.

In various different modes….





Here’s my room at home, which is also my working space after working hours and on weekends, where (other than work) I spend the better part of my time on my creative release – crafts, sketching and blogging. Not to mention, where I have my house sessions with mates till wee hours of the morning.



Mixture of Dynamic, Retro and Elegant mode






Not bad considering no flash was used.


And here’s some blurry drunkard shots taken by random mates….

Good times mode





  1. *envy*…=))

    the photos look lovely, babe (and so does your room!)…tho i’d love to know how heavy your bag will be when you go out with the whole gang, ie. camera + ipad + macbook air…=P

    1. Thanks babe 🙂 It is quite heavy as it is, without the air. Gonna have to leave one or the other behind but having said that, they are all essentials! Pickle : /

  2. beautiful photos! i love the leather stickers!

    1. Thanks doll! What camera do you use? I love your shots! Or maybe its the trickery of skills, not mechanical tools 🙂

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