Bambi means Business!

Yes damn right!


Bambi is getting her business card.

Thanks to the uber talented Matthew Alford and a free printing job by the lovely macho Justin Ng, its coming soon! This is all very exciting. So much happening within the first month of the year. Productivity level is at its all time high.  Now to just get the website sorted! The wheels of motion is, well….in motion. You could say, in locomotion. *cue in Kylie in her leotards*



Isn’t it pretty? I’m so incredibly blessed to have talented designer friends like Matt! He’s a super talented guy, not just a pretty designer face – he has his own band and they just launched their first album not long ago. Join their fan page here:

Here’s some other cool business cards. Some inspiring ideas for my my Aussie business card already. It’s gonna kick ass!

Matt in case you’re reading this, my KL business card kicks ass too ya! Love you long time ♥


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