The “Me” & “U” in Melbourne

There are a million reasons

why I love Melbourne – Aside from its erratic weather that I actually miss, having now been away for almost 2.3 years – I love the food, the culture, the hidden lanes, hole in the wall cafe’s/bars. But most of all, I love the people, the Melburnians. They are incredibly creative and the city is infectiously inspiring. I shall come up with 101 reasons for my next post but for now, here are two perfect examples of inspiring Melbournians that makes the city dynamic, visually aromatic and incredibly unique.


Mick Peel dubbed Busyman Bicycles, is a Melbourne based bike & leather enthusiast who works out of a shed in the backyard. Keywords: Self-taught. Hand-craft. Senior Lecturer in fashion design. Paul Smith. Nuff said. Read more here.

Can’t wait to get my hands on one of his bicycles when I get back.



Check out Mick’s blog here:

He makes other cool leather stuff too, ranging from cuffs to wallets and then some – Busyhand Mick, more like.


Beci Orpin

Now this is one cool chick. Not only is she a mum, designer, artist, project spinner,  traveler, writer – need I go on? She’s just flippin’ awesome! She’s kicked off such projects such as the popularized Beatbox Kitchen – check it She’s also  blameworthy for cool design works for one of my favorite bars in Melbourne, COOKIE! Brownie points! Check out her full portfolio here: <– her newly launched site. I hope to be her in 5 years. Well, realistically 10 years since I need to get 2 kids and have a bible of a portfolio to drop on my future client’s laps. Nar I kid I kid. I don’t usually idolize but in this case, I’m only human – I see, I like, I idolize.


Check out her blog here:

She sells cool stuff online at her site and I think she partakes in some markets here and there in Melbourne.

So Melburnians, go stalk her down and buy her a latte!


Guess what guys? They’re both linked to RMIT. One graduated from Textile designs, the other is now a senior lecturer. Just sayin’. I’m a RMIT grad too but yaknow, whatever. Coinkydinky.


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