TRON Legacy inspired Icehotel 2011

What is the Icehotel?

“A mind boggling art project and a hotel made of ice and snow.”

All hail Sweden’s most famous art project as they celebrate their 20th anniversary with never before seen technology in the arctic circle Icehotel! Adopting the latest Tron theme for the season, the amazing design of the entire structure including individual pieces of furniture around the bar, rooms & suites are carved out of ice.

Using only frozen water form the Torne River, artists from all over the world gather in this small Swedish village, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, to create an exclusive art exhibition: ICEHOTEL.

The art is created with imagination and hard work, only to melt away under the unforgiving rays of the sun come springtime. All that remains are our impressions, our memories – and photographs. – ICEHOTEL












Inspired by Disney’s release of Tron: Legacy, the British designers Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones set out to capture the dynamism and essence of the movie at the world-famous ICEHOTEL IN Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

200 km north of the Arctic Circle, Rousseau + I-N-D-J designed and built Legacy of the river, a futuristic ice suite. Using technology never before seen in the hotels 20 year history Legacy of the river is one of 19 unique Art suites in ICEHOTEL.

“We are massive Tron fans,” said Rousseau in a statement about the project. “The entire film is a complete fantasy for us both with its high-tech and futuristic design.”



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