Sapphic Sentiments


An outsider has awoken and taken over.

In remembering, he is of a distant memory,

But I cannot recall.

With identical features except for the glimmer in the eye

As if saying, ” I am seeking home”.

Flashes of manliness surging, I am changing.

Characteristic sweetness, womanly facade overthrown.

In an instant family and friends turn into beasts

Wild, uncooperative, critical

Disapproving, unsympathetic, passing sentence.

Breaking from the bonds that seem to hold forever,

Dagger like stabs tearing the flesh, discarding old skin.

He surfaces from the depths of the unknown,

Conquering without excuses and reason.

This metamorphosis seems unbearable and yet crucial

Acknowledging even now I am whole.

– unknown


*crossed out words in poem links to posts within this blog.


On a side note, for the sake of some visual taboo (and comical relief) to complete this post, I combed through Google images for “Lesbian Posters” and this is what I found – amongst other rather inappropriate nudity….


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