The Great Migration

Like many animals, birds migrate to avoid bad weather,

scavenge for food, to reproduce or

simply to survive.

Some travel through the sky, others under water. No matter the distance, they hop, fly, swim, burrow and slither. According to scientists, a true migrator make two-way trips from one destination to another, and then back again. Malaysia and Australia are both destination havens for migratory species like myself. Fortunate enough to have lived in both countries, I appreciate both of its unique lifestyle qualities and heritage, and as the days ushers in the expiry date and time constraint my PR stipulates, I prepare myself once again for the great migration.

Looking back on my initial intention of a 3 month break back in KL, I am surprised that I lasted this long.  Malaysia was only supposed to be the port in the storm; a temporary refuge. But as life has it, 10th of July next year would mark 3 years since my impromptu return and gosh, what a great time I’ve had so far! Days spent catching up with friends, spending time with remaining family members still residing here and ultimately, traveling & rediscovering myself. As the days, weeks and months roll on, I continue to ensconce myself in my little fishbowl I now call home. From unexpected twist and turns in my career and social sphere,  and unlikely friendships (and rekindled ones alike), I have found a new sense of independence and more importantly, a sense of belonging. Suffice to say, I’ve adapted like a nomadic chameleon.

When M called and told me about the promotional fares in September 2011, I knew inevitably the time would come. A sense of nostalgia washed over me when I booked my one way ticket, knowing that this home will no longer be part of my life in less than a year. The bed I sleep on will be donated, books boxed and shipped, loose trinkets  will find new homes The furniture I use to dress my room in funky ways will be dismantled into pieces scattered into other rooms and lives. My friends will become familiar faces who will continue to linger on my Facebook News feed and MSN chat boxes, grazed by occasional conversations; trying to keep up with fleeting moments, least we drift apart.  It’s all just a matter of time.

And time, is a funny thing isn’t it? A man made measuring system we use to indicate events, to compare durations and intervals between them as it continues to elude us. Days rise and set, moons pass and time changes its course when we commute between different time zones. Every tick of its hand reiterates the familiar age old adage that “Time flies”, a fearful but necessary contraption to reaffirm theories of existentialism.

So as the days inch closer to my final departure, they are filled with more purpose and conviction – to make the most out of my time left here. But of course, the word ‘final’ is a little dramatic.  Put me on top of a hill, throw in a tree and watch me dance around it while I breakout into a musical dialogue. Bollywood inspired drama aside, I use the word “final”
simply to mark the end of an era, similar to how it felt like when we reached the final episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S – it was sad, but we had a good run!

I will return for visits, albeit brief and sporadic – depending on my job, time and budget which I can yet foresee. As tempted as I am to write a list on what I will miss most about KL, I will leave it for a later post, when the time comes. For now, I shall continue to frolic under the tropical heat, fly across Asia on the wings of bargain trips,  immerse myself in the melting pot of disparate cultures and dishes while I spend my late nights laughing over wine and beer – whichever comes first.

Malaysia, my unlikely mistress, I shall miss you deeply.






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