White Christmas

What with all the new age sensitivity with words like “fairy” and “black” which supposedly holds some form of discriminatory connotation, we seem to be treading on verbal eggshells.  There’s always a speech police around (you know, that annoying friend or stranger that corrects your grammar or pronunciation), so you have to be careful to stay within the politically right verbal zone. Like you shouldn’t order ‘black coffee‘, you should say ‘dark coffee‘ instead. We shouldn’t call someone a ‘fairy‘ unless it is indeed a petite airborne humanoid with mystical powers because it has gay insinuation. Also, instead of using the word ‘ugly‘, just replace it with ‘visually challenged‘, and so the list goes on to the point of ridicule.

As tempted as I am to go on a rampage on how man made word association is a conspiracy used to elevate the selected and oppress people of color, “inferior” genders and sexual preferences…..I decided “No, I will not hamper the joyful festivity that is Christmas.”

I was though, tempted to put George Bush’s politically white face as the main feature, but again ‘Nay!’ I said. I will not fill the web with negativity, politics and bad grammatical quotes by above mentioned.  Instead, in the spirit of a White Christmas, I have decided to go with 10 White design specials. Not to say George is not a great human design in his own right, I mean – who am I to question God’s creations right? At least he compensated us  with Angelina Jolie (looks up and whispers “Good work”). Anyway, without further jibs and jabs, here’s some great design inspirations, all decked in white for the joys of holly!

Floor Cleaner Shoe" from Adika Titut Triyugo of Institute of Technology Bandung in Indonesia. The rechargeable Foki has tiny cleaning devices on its soles and an LED readout topside to display information on cleanliness level and battery status.




Now this is what I call a good design for greater purpose! Intended toward disaster victims, the “Temp-pack” by Asher Dunn is a shelter cum cart that folds into a portable backpack for quick and easy transportation. Comprising two pieces, the body and the door, made in recycled plastic, the portable shelter folds open and snaps the door into a right angle to create a dolly.





Santa's new ride! Setting itself apart from regular gas two-wheeler, the “Evanél” by Giovanni Bellini and Allan Sejer Madsen is an electric scooter that presents a curvy, free flowing design to allow a smooth and comfortable ride on both the highways and inter-city roads.




And if the scooter is messing up Santa's hair, this would do just fine too. Created by Skyrill Design Studios from Bahrain, the “Astrum Meera” is a car concept that incorporates distinctive features in a rather practical design to offer a safe and sustainable ride in the days to come.




ADIDAS goes Bionic! Developed for Adidas, the new aid not only improves the function of the leg but also the aesthetics, thanks to the sporty design.




Ardesco Houses in Yalikavak, Mugla, Turkey. Sexy white and modernistic design. Imagine kicking back with a glass of wine while you watch the sun set. Perfection.




Meet Robyn. This is what happens when architecture, design, music and Sweden’s sexy electro queen meet; you’ll be suitably impressed with the artwork of this year’s three Body Talk releases. Watch out for her music videos. Love this installation. Wrap her up Santa!




Peddled under the label Mr Jones Watches, each timepiece asks its wearer to reconsider how we count time with such creative visualizations as 12 colored circles or seconds marked by "yes" and "no" (dubbed "The Decider"). For his Master of Time series, Jones asked five people who "have an interesting relationship to time" to collaborate with him as a new challenge. The resulting professionals—Iain Sinclair (author), Graeme Obree (cyclist), William Andrews (comedian), Brian Catling (artist) and Tom Middleton (DJ)—helped Jones create distinct watches that are "true collaborations."




If not for my fear of Malaysian drivers, poorly managed pot holes on the road and random violent muggings, I'd be riding this Urban Single Speed Design, CR-Moly with Rack Mount in white around town.




Last but not least, we have a white jack ass giving out a hundred dollar bill to a homeless guy. If you follow The Kardashians like me (oops guilty confession), you'd know what an idiot he is. I've added him in as a side note to point out that you don't need to be a good person to give, you can be a shithead and still spread some paper love!




Oh what the heck, I'm going to include George Bush in a nut cracker outfit to finish off this incredibly White Christmas post. As for my white mates out there, no offense. Nothing wrong being white. My iphone is white, my Lomo camera is white, I have white hair, white exs....you get the idea. Until its a yellow Christmas which I can then take full credit for (imagine banana ornaments hanging from trees and popcorn strings) - here's a toast to a very white christmas! A tad pre-mature but I believe in early celebrations to pace out the alcohol consumption. *hic*


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