8 Apps my iPad can’t live without

Here’s an article I wrote for VenusBuzz as their gadget freak ‘Chic Geek’ writer.

If you haven’t been to venusbuzz.com, check it out. Its a local online women’s media network. They recently kicked off a safety campaign called The CARing Project that aims to reclaim public spaces and educate women on road & car park safety. Please support by rating our local car parks here (residents in Klang Valley only thanks!).

Fab Apps for your iPad

I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest gadget to hit our shores. If you live within the Mac grapevine (reference: geek hood), you’d know that Apple has just launched the iPad right smack here in KL along. If not, please crawl out from under that rock you call a PC and get with the program. *snap snap* You should also know that iPad 3G owners can enjoy data plans with the first available Micro-Sim by Maxis in Malaysia. If you’re seriously considering the iPad for Christmas, you’d be glad to know that the highest spec – the 3G, 64GB, Wifi and Sim  – is tagged at a very reasonable price *insert drum roll* at only  RM2, 600. Gasp!

This comes as a pleasant surprise as its about RM300 hundred cheaper than our neighboring country, Singapore! The impatient child within me snapped one up about 3 months ago. Could have bought myself a nice little iPad cover with the extra savings if I waited out. *grumbles*

But who am I kidding. I am queen of impatience, what with all the teaser ads and living with a housemate who got hers literally a week after the launch in the States! Whether you got it today or 3 months ago, in celebration of your new journey with this life-changing gadget, here’s a list of my favorite apps to get the ball rolling!


Pulse News Reader (FREE)

Pulse makes your everyday read delightfully convenient! An elegant news reading application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, this application incorporates panning story bars in boxes through your desired newsfeed. This means you get to pick what news filters through. Pulse redefines news by letting you customize the content, making it convenient to browse through 60 different websites’ top stories in one self-contained application. It is by far, my favorite app on my iPad!


Airbnb (FREE)

This is a handy and informative application for the traveler in you! Browse through countless of accommodations and flights to suit your budget!  Filled with pictures, details, Google map tags and reviews, you can book the next flight to Paris on AirAsia and have no qualms about where you’re staying the night you arrive. Originally made for iPhone and iTouch, this aesthetically well-designed app is also compatible with the iPad but expect some grainy images due to the stretched screen.




Aweditorium (FREE)

If you’re a music junkie then this app is definitely for you! Watch the screen on your iPad come alive as you check out some talented underground artists on a beautiful interface filled with artists profiles – photography, lyrics, HD video interviews and so on. You can even use the share button for Facebook, Email and Twitter!  If you like the song, you can even buy the track from itunes, straight off Aweditorium. With its sea of talents and design savvy interface, it will definitely leave you in awe.




GoodReader (USD 0.99)

Rated as Top Paid Ipad App in USA, this application allows you to transfer files from pdf, xls, docs, ppt, audio, video and so on wirelessly. That’s right, you heard me. You don’t need pesky cables if your friend wants to just literally, “drop” an e-book or Rihanna’s latest song into your iPad! All you need is to be on the same wireless network and watch the files just appear on your iPad in a matter of seconds! Best thing is how easy it is to use. You can even jolt and write over files with crayon effects for quick note takings, save and send it to your designer to make changes. It’s that easy! Makes sharing files via “sync” and USB’s a thing of the past!




Friendly Plus for Facebook (USD 0.99)

Have a facebook account? Look no further. This is the best app out there for your browsing and stalking pleasure! Chat with your friends online, update your status and pictures, use multiple facebook accounts (perfect for families) – all this at the swipe of your finger!




Flipboard (FREE)

If you prefer something less conventional than the normal type of reading on your ipad, go for the flipboard – a magazine layout style featuring up to 12 different contents from your favorite websites and social network accounts like twitter, Facebook, blogs and Flickr! This way, you don’t need to spend an extra 99 cents for Friendly app. Use this for your Facebook and view the news, photos, updates in a fun to read browse! My Chic Geek advice is, if you like this layout, you could do without other paid apps for Facebook!



AppShopper (FREE)

It can be frustrating and overwhelming rummaging through the increasing multitude of apps out there in the iTunes store. This app makes it easier to shop by updating you on daily discounted apps, price slashes and high price tags to whooping freebies!  Save your dollars and cents on other apple gadgets while you enjoy savings you otherwise wouldn’t know if not for this handy little tell all companion!




IceTycoon (FREE)

Now for a little fun the whole family can enjoy! Take on the role of an ice-cream seller and serve your customers based on their orders on various flavors, sprinkles and toppings on cones or tubs within a certain time frame. Enjoy the pretty colors on a cutesy Japanese layout with adorable characters. Collect your earnings after each order and beat the highest score!


*Okay so I can live without the last one. I featured IceTycoon so that the kids can enjoy a pretty simple and visually stimulating game. Otherwise, I’d suggest of course to go for (game wise), Plants vs Zombie, Bejeweled and Luxor! I can also easily replace IceTycoon with the likes of Phoster, Scribe it and Adobe Ideas. But, for the sake of featuring a free game for the family, the last one stays for the VenusBuzz mums!



  1. Hahah…I love IceTycoon, though I can imagine it’ll be more fun on the iPad! =)

    Heard the second gen is coming out in 4 months…but the temptation of getting one now is almost irresistible, argh!

    1. Really? In 4 months? I reckon you should wait, if its just a matter of months.
      Though that’s exactly how I felt 3 months ago when a friend told me to wait till Dec.
      I couldn’t hack it. I was like a druggie suffering from withdrawal. I had to get my fix and boy, was it good!

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