Super Mamika!

Meet the coolest retired

superhero grandma!


Check out some wicked shots of Super Mamika by photographer Sacha Goldberger. In an attempt to pull his 91 year old grandma Frederika out of depression and loneliness, he came up with a brilliant idea as an unusual course of therapy – to have a superhero photoshoot of Frederika in comical and exaggerated heroic poses. Needless to say, it struck gold! “Super Mamika”,  as Frederika is now known, became an internet sensation thanks to the costumed photos!

But guess what? Frederika is not just an elderly superhero model, she’s a real life hero too. During world War II in Hungary, she sheltered 10 Jewish people she knew from the Nazis. Later in her life, when Hungary was run by a communist regime, she fled to France under threat of execution. This is one granny who has definitely earned her superhero stars! Good on you Sacha for proving to everyone that age is just a number!



Without further ado, check out Super Mamika!


















Isn’t she just simply adorable! Ahhh I want a Mamika!

Please Santa?




  1. SUPERRRRRRRR! damn i love this set.

  2. haha this is so awesome, thanks for sharing

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed this. Put a smile on your face didn’t it! 🙂

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