Sunday in Pictures

Sunday soul food. Some people sleep in, some go to the park, I make it a point to spend it on good food with loved ones. Met up with Mummy and Papa Roderick today at Dua Residence for a delicious lunch at Kirushima. Later we waddled our filled tummies over to Delicious for lovely tea and dessert. I swear, there is no escaping that word, ‘Delicious’. Great branding though. Every time I say “Delicious!” I think of my past employment at Delicious Cafe. Maybe someone should open a restaurant called “Yum!”. There will be no escaping that either.

Anyway, here’s a photo journal of my Sunday at Dua.

*All pictures taken with iPhone 3GS CameraBag App.


Mummy laughing when she realized I was taking a snap shot of her


Michelle, the Korean & Japanese looking Chinese



Decisions decisions



Finally made a pick from the  8 paged menu



She loves her Salmon, he loves playing bejeweled



Finally putting the iPad down for chow time


My sushi, soba and tempura lunch set

Bumped into Cathal, the little Irish fairy 🙂
Deep in thought on how much he had to drink at the High Tea before work!

Couldn’t decide which photo effects I prefer so I uploaded both!

Group shot at Delicious

Tersh: One more just in case!
Mummy: *laughs* Yeah Yeah!
Cathal: Now I know where Tersh got it from.

Live Jazz @ Delicious

The must-have Carrot Cake with Cheese icing

Mummy & I

Papa Roderick & I

What a lovely Sunday. All’s well – ends well! Happy Weekend all 🙂

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