Midori Pen Holder

Look what Michelle got me

from Singapore!

Midori Leather pen holder – just what I need for my notebooks! 🙂

Stationary freak *points at self* is a happy camper!



This pen holder fastens securely on to the leather cover of your Midori Traveler’s Notebook, allowing you to carry a pen with it. But of course, it fits any other notebook but due to the width of the clip, you’d probably have to slip in a couple more pages with the cover. It features a strong silver clip with a leather loop of the same type and quality used as the Traveler’s Notebook leather cover, which is made of leather as well – The Journal Shop



What a neat way to have the pen handy at all times! – instead of rummaging through my massive handbags.



I didn’t realize this but this pen is the same maker of my favorite leather bound refillable notebook by Midori!

I featured it in one of my recent posts – here’s a picture of the notebook (and another here) that I bought in Singapore earlier on this year. Can’t wait to start using it in 2011!



Thanks Jwan for introducing this little clip on. Wouldn’t have known any better if not for you 🙂


*Images taken with Infinicam App for iPhone 3GS



  1. Hey, you managed to get it, yay! =)

    1. Yes I did! 2 for myself and 1 for Kareen. Now we’re all matching. haha.

  2. Hey there, where did you find the notebook in Singapore? I can’t seem to locate it. Thanks a lot 😀

    1. Hi Tony, you mean the notebook featured in this blog? its actually a Moleskine

      Or if you mean the Midori notebook by the same makers of the Midori pen holder)….as seen here http://bit.ly/f0S8SA – then it’s in Ngee Ann City above Page One Bookshop in Kinokuniya.
      Hope you manage to find it!

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