Book fix

I’ve been spending too much on drinking and thought I’d put my monthly funds to good use –


Seduced by the graphics bug, I’m making it my ambition and dream to become a designer one day – one way or another. So I decided to buy a few books to kick it off, not that I don’t already have enough – I have quite an impressive and humble library of design books. Will write a post on my 10 favorites one day.

I took heed to my hankering for a book fix, I decided to drop by Cineleisure yesterday when the good people at Selvan book and magazines warehouse gave me a ring and told me that new arrivals for the month just got in. *skips and cheers*

So here are the 4 books that made slight dent in my savings – in retrospect, it’s equivalent to 2 bottles of good Merlot’s at Vintry, so really, it’s better than pissing it away. Alcohol lasts a hangover, knowledge is forever. Copyright that.

Book 1. Exciting World of Pattern Design – Page One (RM.80)

“….this book is small and thick, but this book displays more than 700 designs. The patterns are from designers from around the world who are labeled both on their pattern and in an index in the back. The images show the flat design and often it’s application, whether it’s wallpaper, pillows, apparel etc. The selection of designs seems fresh and edgy”Book By Its Cover

Book 2. Creating Great Graphic Design To A Budget – Scott Witham (RM89)

“Creating Great Graphic Design to a Budget is both a cost-cutting primer and ideas sourcebook for creating top-of-the-line designs on razor-thin budgets. Design and marketing budgets are getting slashed across the board in every industry around the globe.”RotoVision

Book 3. How To Make It As An Advertising Creative – Simon Veksner (RM89)

“Written in an entertaining and informative style, the book explains the diverse set of skills that you need to make it as an advertising Creative above-and-beyond the ability to write good adverts, and demonstrates: how to get the best out of the people you work with; how to present your work to clients; how to manage your career; even how to start your own agency.” – Laurence King Publishing

Book 4. The Fearless Traveller – Charlotte Beech (RM33.50)

Okay this one is totally irrelevant to design but I’m a sucker for packaging and attracted to the topic, I bought it purely to feed the Traveller in me.

“If we all started with a thorough knowledge of seasoned travelers’ pitfalls, gaffes and slip-ups, we could set about steering our own path more confidently. That’s precisely what this book offers. It’s an accumulation of Charlotte’s own and other travelers’ hindsight, wisdom, hints and ploys to arm any adventurer setting off into the wide blue yonder.” Barnes & Noble

I find myself spending a couple of hundred every time I pop into that store. Its like the blackhole of savings – like *poof* – just like that –  G.O.N.E. But gone to good use of course! And like I said, the bottle is good but how much can one really learn from reading the wine labels? Nothing a hell lot. Though it wouldn’t hurt to have a glass while I kick back with my books on this lovely Sunday arvo. Bliss.
*All pictures taken with iPhone 3GS using Infinicam App

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