Hoarder Alert!

There’s a kind of pleasure one derives from stationary.

The texture of the paper, the finishing of the cover – meticulous stitching, the glue that binds each leaf, elaborate illustrations and intricate designs. Aside from taking tons of pictures when I travel, I make it a point to bring home a souvenir – not just a postcard or a fridge magnet but something tangible that I will use in the near future. So it is no wonder how I’ve managed to accumulate a trunk full of notebooks – some as gifts from friends and the rest from my travels. Considering I can’t bring myself to use them, I am now bewitched with the traits of a hoarder – sans the severe attachment between and one and his/her fecal matter. That is just plain grrr-rose! *cringes*

That aside, there is no denying that, hide as you may, you will not escape my stationary hoarding ways! The dilemma now is, if I should sell them off or bring them back to Melbourne a year from now, for keep sake. Till I come to an agreeable separation with my beloved collection, Silverfish will remain my greatest enemy! Pesky little buggers! Ill be damned if you devour even a receipt within my stationaries!  I have taken all precautions, including wrapping and sealing them in plastic bags – yes, I’m pedantic like that.

So here it is, the junk in my trunk – my complete notebook collection as of 2008 – can you imagine the collection I have stored in boxes, tucked in my closet back in Melbourne prior to 2008?   I confess, I’m a page sniffer. *Inhales and shudders with delight* Ahhhhhhhhh.





  1. ooo i specially loike this entry….i want all that paper

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