10 Random Things That Made Me Smile Today

Couch bound from being ill, thought I’d cover 10 random Digital Dose of things that made me smile today…nothing like a good fix.

1. On Perfection – by Tania Kindersley & Sarah Vine

“Perfection is boring, Oh My God, it’s the dullest thing in the world. Stop trying to achieve it, now. Step away from the impossible demands. Think of the people you love and why you love them. It is not for their brilliant careers and immaculate houses and infallible way with a soufflé; it is for all their flaky little habits and endearing flaws and entirely human failings. This is also why they love you. If you did by any bizzare miracle, become perfect, you would have no friends and no one to talk to and you would have to go and live in a small shed somewhere up a mountain and only communicate with the Dalai Lama – and there is no guarantee that even he would return your calls.”

2. Griffin gets in the iPod nano watch game with colorful, protective Slap wristband!

3. Art Mask by Mattia Casalegno titled “The Open”

“…a mask that wraps around your face and forces you to smell a fresh patch of grass and listen to your own breath.”

Read more at we-make-money-not-art.com

4. Footprint Green Tree-House Resort Idea.

What a lovely eco-system concept. Hope some rich tycoon funds it.

5. Street Art miniature buildings by graffiti artist Evol. Read more.

6. TikTok and LunaTik

Yes I know. I’ve already featured one iPod Nano watch strap thingy but this one looks pretty cool too. Though, not as cool as the one I made 😉

*Extracted from coolhunting.

Whether reinventing the conference room or coming up with cleverly customizable iPhone cases, when designer Scott Wilson puts his mind to something, you can expect a quality product with tech-driven industrial design in its DNA. His latest project—watch straps seizing on the ability to use Apple’s new iPod Nanos as a multitouch watch—does just that, introducing first-rate engineering and premium materials to complement the “impeccable quality of Apple products.”

7. For the love of paper. I can’t wait to get this special edition magazine of Creative Review for its pretty promo poster by the artsy fartsy people at telegramme studio! – I want to work for them.

8. For the love of skulls – Cross Utensil Rawkstar pendant!

Extracted from shapeways: Inspired by food, mixed with 18th Century Piracy, topped with a bit of art – the Cross Utensils Pendant is a display of allegiance to the Culinary Arts. Get some nifty Xmas stocking fillers by Rawkstar320 on Shapeways!

9. Detachable Headphones for iPod Shuffle – portable music on the go.

10. Folk Festival’s print ad campaign protests against social media!

The wonders of how witty copies can support good designs and vice versa 🙂

Bonus 11. Pop Up store by British Design Blogs – Dezeen!

Going off line to go on the road – randomly popping up and about, featuring unusual little trinkets. Awesome concept.



  1. Alicia Chan · · Reply

    did i already tell you how i love these quirky columns of yours..and i learn so much about new gadgets and stuff..

    1. Tq sweetheart 🙂

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