Cardbox Camera

Look what Kiel Johnson made!

Cardbox Cameras.


Iconic verses functional; from SLR’s and vintage point and shoot cameras to Polaroids and 8mm’s. Using an everyday mundane material, the talented eco-conscious artist meticulously replicated card boxes into famous cameras. He is a true craftsman – you can see it in the way each shapes is cut, nob is glued and sewn. His love for paper and stationary is evident throughout all of his other works.

His work was recently featured in Mark Moore Gallery and this is a bio write up I extracted on Johnson.

Kiel Johnson’s drawings and sculptures tell tales; layered narratives speak of his travels and adventures through everyday life. His works become a springboard for metaphorical investigations of the world he inhabits. Although both factual fictions and absurd scenarios, they are ultimately testaments to observation that force us to question the concrete and truthful. What at first might appear safe and secure will be, upon further inspection, very precarious.

Check out his other projects here. For now, here’s the work of the talented Kiel Johnson. *applauds*



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