Guys, I’m going blind.

My eyes are burning, everything is a blur and it seems that it’s developing a hazy layer of patina – all this, from starring into the glare of my screen, and mucking about with my awesome iPad app!

One thing I love about my iPad is the creative apps that’s available on iTunes. A sea, a library, a bulk of applications to feed my creative outlet. Am totally in love with Phoster, an app that allows you to create posters on simple templates with various effects and treatments. Check out the website. If you have an iPad or iPhone, its definitely worth the USD1.99. I prefer using it on the iPad because the screen is much bigger to play around with. It even comes in high def so you can print out actual posters for events, parties…etc.

So last night, I tucked myself in my little nook with Family Guy playing in the background and mucked about with it. Here’s a series of posters I created for shit & giggles. Check them out!


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