London Talks

As you know, I take loads of photos. Like, LOADS. I lugged my laptop and cables all over Europe just so I could upload the photos onto my laptop to clear memory space on my memory card. Back then, technology wasn’t in all its madness, high techy. 2 GB was a huge deal. Now you can get a 10 GB SD card. Say whatttt? I took 1,000 over pictures. No kidding. So you can imagine my library of pictures. Its like an orgy of IMG’s and JPG’s on GIF’s in there.

So it wasn’t till yesterday that I started digging through some photos, inspired by the Scribeit app I downloaded on my iPad. It basically adds text and various variety of typography to your images. No tricks and hassle. Sure, I can do it on my Keynote, but this is pretty basic and I like basic from time to time. No unnecessary buttons or features and I can play with it on the go, not crouched over the laptop like I already do on weekdays at the office.

Scribeit app gave me the idea to start with a series of photos I took from London, and add some of my thoughts to it. Hence the title, London Talks. Now, I know a picture says a thousand words and my mundane wordy input is just going to butcher them, so my sincere apologies to the true photographers out there. This is graffiti I know but don’t mind me. I’m just trigger happy and a word whore. Click click, type type.

This is all for now. I would love to write a snippet of where specifically I was when I took the picture, down to the details of the weather, what the air smelt and tasted like but that will just be a whole lot of ramble. Might do that for a special series of shots but for now, I’m going to make this a personal side project with different series from Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Singapore…etc. Judging by my photo library, I reckon I’ll run out of words before I run out of images.



  1. Truly inspiring.

    1. Thanks babe. You should too. It doesn’t matter where you travel to. You can find the truly inspiring images where ever you are. Creativity is free flow 🙂

  2. Alicia Chan · · Reply

    you should def do graphics and poetry and traveling. and get paid for it so you can continue doing just that. 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Yes please! In an ideal world.
      I guess life is full of possibilities, just need to seek for opportunities.

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