3, 2, 1, Launch!

Okay so it’s not so much a launch then a mere mention that, hey, my website is up.


Its just something I put together in preparation for my “extended career” when I return to Melbourne. You know how your employers google you, Facebook stalk you and what not even prior to an interview? Well, this is to offset the somewhat inappropriate pictures and angry insults by bitter ex’s that’s floating out there in the scary webby world.

Here’s a snapshot

Its still in its preliminary stage and I am tweaking it about, being the flounder-prone perfectionist that I am. By the way, apparently it doesn’t work on Google Chrome so use Firefox instead. Damn pc’s. Mac world domination! Everyone should have a mac. Seriously. Earth to PC-Users. Its Mac time! But actually, it doesn’t work on the iPad either. Sigh. MR.JOBS, flash for the pad please! – Apologies, I’m feeling a little bossy today.

So, I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. I’ve been spending time with my sister – she returned to OZ on Tuesday. I got back from Krabi on Monday, have been working since and been preparing for a big pitch today *fingers crossed*. I’ve got plenty I’d like to blog about, perhaps some time over the long weekend.

Till then, as the end of each Jerry Springer show goes…. “Take care of yourself, and each other”



  1. It looks EXCELLENT, lady. It’s beautiful! I love everything you did with it!

    1. Aww thanks! 🙂 Such kind words.

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