The “i” in Tercia

I am at the very core,

a poster child for imperfection.

I’m an exhibitionist. Evidently – seeing that this entire post is about me me me me. Then again, haven’t you read’s the in thing to be self-analytical in story telling form. Its okay to rant on about yourself. In the spirit of “I”, I will shamelessly do so here.

I have a built in lie detector. I can see through a fake person like *snap*. Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself. How can you when there is no “self” to begin with?

I smoke heaps. Red Indians can transmit complex system of alphabetical smoke signals from my second hand smoke. Made a pact with myself to quit by 30. That’s 2 months away. *fingers crossed*

I am a tad judgmental. I don’t like people appearing to be all perfect because there’s no such thing as perfection and if one hides it well, one must have plenty to hide.

I used to exercise but now I can’t be arsed. I go into spurts of work out sessions when the muffin rises, then stop when it descends.

I like damaged souls. REAL people with real issues. Like when Britney was wheeled out of her home in a stretcher with her hair shaved off and copters circling the air like Hollywood Armageddon mayhem? Remember? I had more respect for her then, than when she was all Barbie at Disney.

I am my own worse critic. Talk about masochistic emotional beat down, I win – hands down!

I don’t shave my legs cos being the lucky bitch that I am, “Look Ma! No hair!” 😉

I have big dreams, small hands.

I love my dysfunctional family more than I care to admit.

I avoided wearing glasses not because I hate how I look when I wear them but because I couldn’t stand the unpleasant clarity of my physical flaws. Now its gotten so bad I absolutely have to wear them at night otherwise I’ll be squinting at everything and everyone, giving the menu the evil eye.

I’m trying to get into Yoga (cos I wanna look like Madonna at 60) but honestly its way too ‘blah’ for me. I’m not made to stretch and I don’t think its normal when your nose can reach your crotch :/

I believe its necessary to tell white lies. I hate upsetting people with “the truth”. eg. You look tired. Your hair is balding. Wow did you put on weight? I don’t like the way you look today…you look, different. –  you get the idea.

I fell off a building and survived. Fuh!

I have a rather interesting life. Sometimes I wonder how I am still a fully functional being blending into the melting pot of society – just like everyone else.

I’m limited edition dammnit!

I stress out easily but that’s when I perform at my best.

I am as the Canto would say “Kan Cheong”

I lost contact with my mother for 8 years and she recently made contact with me via Facebook. We are now rekindling our relationship and catching up on lost time. Been an emotional month.

I want to have the same courage as my mother, should I be diagnosed, I hope I too will be a cancer survivor.

I am chicken shit. I might look tough but being locked in the bathroom with a cockroach will leave me paralyzed and in tears. Still though, when it comes to fighting off perverts and bullies, I can crack my knuckles, give evil eyes and unleash some verbal whiplash.

I have stretch marks and cellulite’s – everywhere! Thank god Adam ate that apple, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I am a natural klutz. I bump into things in the dead of night and wake up with random bruises.

I have delusions of grandeur, fortunately humbled by other perfectionists and high achievers.

I have delayed reactions – cos I have way too many things running through my mind to focus on one topic at any one point of time. I’m not making excuses. It’s true!

I’m defensive.

I love music! I have 60GB worth of music. My mac crashed on me once and I cried all night cos I lost all my music.

I spend way too much on books I don’t have time to read and stationery I can’t bear to use.

I am really shit at saving. This is the first time I hit 5 digits in my bank account. No joke.

I am proud to say I have replaced F*ck with Frick and Bullsh*t with Bullocks. Yes I’ve matured. *pats self

I am super impulsive.

I cry easily – My record is a 30 second Dengue ad break during “How I Met Your Mother”. WTH Tersh!?!

I love giving presents.

I like watching horror movies and am fascinated with big foot and aliens.

I don’t take myself too seriously.

I dont like cutting my toe nails. I let it grow till it starts hurting people around me when I accidentally brush my feet up their leg. And even then, I get someone else to cut it for me.

I bite my nails.

I am too forgiving*

I was once described as a “Dytes”. f.y.i That’s Chinese ed accent for “Dyke”

I am super competitive. Can be a bit of a sore loser.

I am passionate with the things I work on, as long as there’s a dose of creativity involved. I’ll live to see another paycheck.

I wish I was a designer.

I wish I wrote better.

I wish I wasn’t so darn honest about myself.

I have MAJOR Daddy issues. Who doesn’t?!

I have developed trust issues over the past year, thanks to you K-ty. The statement with the asterix does not apply to you: I am too forgiving. Having said that, took me a while and I have forgiven you but I will never make the same mistake again.

I am a nomadic drifter without a 5 year plan.

I would rather travel than spend thousands on shoes and handbags for the sake of being part of the materialistic social hierarchy.

I am a living breathing oxymoron.

I offend people without meaning to.

I lost a good friend to cancer and she made a huge impact in my life. She dedicated Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ to me. Said its how she’ll always remember me. I cry every time I hear it but I always smile by the end of the song. This song will play at my funeral.

I think people who care what others think and look to them for opinions are people who truly do not know themselves.

I can be selfish like but am selfless when it comes to those who matter.

I make really careless spelling and grammatical mistakes.

I always make do but i always try to make the best out of it.

I make a fool out of myself for comical relief – so that others can laugh at my expense.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just silly, passionate, clumsy, emotional and way too caught up being someone’s daughter, sister, friend, partner & occasional Samaritan to care much about perfection or what I’m supposed to be. I may not be perfect but at least I’m real.

Smile more. Live life. Worry less. Most importantly, be yourself!



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