Shooting Sprees

I’m not an arsonist but I very well might be now that I’ve discovered the joy of shooting with lighters! But more about that later. If you show symptoms of agitation during prolonged ramblings, you might want to skip this chunk. The whole shooting with lighters is about 2.5 scrolls away. Look out for this icon

Since the convenience of iPhone photo taking, I’ve been neglecting my digital camera for a while now. Distracted by the oodles of readily available apps for customizable imagery, I’ve filled up almost 2 screens purely for photography apps –  my favorite so far is Hipstamatic. Additionally, I’ve  been fiddling around with my Diana Edelweiss – though finding it quite challenging what with all the different technical features. The film itself is inexpensive but developing each shot is, so I’m rather intimidated by its complex exterior – not wanting to waste anymore money on developing a whole roll of film for 2 comme ci comme ca shots.

Using the Diana requires dedication and discipline (and about 2 spoon full of passion). I can’t focus on instruction manuals for longer than 10 minutes before I start seeing green spots. I have absolutely little patience for text in Cambria fonts, size 6. *Magnifying glass sold separately.

Ergo, my digi cam and beloved lomos has become part of my room decor. Its been collecting dust on the shelf while I’ve been snapping away freely on my iPhone. And would you blame me when I can easily use my iPhone 3Gs for all sorts of images from dreamlike, vintage, multi-shot, photobooth and so on? See why I’m slightly reluctant to spend RM40 on film and processing when I can enjoy images like this? ☞

Personally, the plus point with using iPhone camera apps is its immediacy. You can preview before saving, send it to a friend via email/whatsapp and upload to Facebook/Twitter at the click of a button! It’s my must have travel companion for photo taking.

It wasn’t till last week that I pulled out my much neglected Canon ixus in a fit of excitement when Sze taught me how to turn a digital camera into a  digital lomo. Psyche! All you need is a couple of colored lighters like these. It’s a simple and inexpensive d.i.y camera gadget!

Press the end of the transparent lighter onto the camera flash and get mad effects and colorization!

Tip 1: You can also mix it up by overlapping 2 different colors on the front of the camera flash. Put your finger over the flash for a fleshy red.

These pictures were taken with flash. I love the how the camera catches the light, albeit a tad pixelated.

And this is what happens when you play with the shutter speed and exposure for added effects!

Well, there you go….lighters are no longer just for smokers and pyromaniac, they are also for cheapskate photography!

Okay Diana, step aside just for now while I exhaust the gasoline – its certainly a lot more fun than fidgeting around with all your different functions! Imagine the bad ass picture one can take at the night clubs, what with the laser lights and disco balls. Just place the colored lighter over the flash, point and shoot. Considering my lack of night-life (home sessions don’t count), this might just be the social bait I’ve been waiting for!

As always, thanks for sharing Sze… and for reminding me about the amount of money and time I’ve spent on the Lomo Ringflash, only to be replaced with RM1.20 lighter sticks. *sigh*

Regardless, I have no regrets. Color splash with my lighter stash!



  1. I likey 🙂 you have a bright red ixus?!

    1. Yes mam! Red is rad! Red on black is super bad….ass. ahahahaha
      Sorry I’m delirious from staring into the computer screen for the past 6 hours.

  2. The credit goes to Liy; she taught me this technique a year ago. Check out her double-exposure stuff as well.

  3. That is an AWESOME tip. I have a Diana as well, and yeah…I go through phases with wanting to deal with its complexity…but the lighter tip is awesome!

  4. You do? Seems popular but have yet to meet someone who’s mastered its functions. Yeah try out the lighter flash! I can’t wait to see what other people come up with!

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