PTARMAK: Design inspirations

I’m more in a visual mode today. Instead of typing away on my laptop (read: lazy),I have decided to compile some inspiring work by a creative agency I stumbled upon – Austin based PTARMAK. Every now and then I come across grossly understated and humble artwork, designs and campaigns that makes me incredibly doubtful of my own ambitions. PTARMAK feeds the cynic in me in that they have managed to sneak by under the mainstream radar – despite their talents and unique collaborations.

Personal undertaking: “Bitchin’ Hitchin’ wedding invitations for PTARMAK business owner,

J. R. Crosby and his wife Nancy Rogers.

Perhaps that is their appeal; the underground underdogs. Or perhaps I am just totally naive and out of tune with the ripples that gives rise to titanic waves within the creative field, and am foolishly showcasing them like a child’s crayola doodle affixed onto the fridge.

Well, mainstream or not, I am totally in love with their design work and brand aesthetics – makes me wish I took up Graphics instead of majoring in Philosophy and Marketing (!?!) – what a disparate combination. Regardless, Ptarmak’s creative clan is definitely people I’d like to rub shoulders, share ideas and swap Wallpaper magazines with – right next to PROVOKATEUR. Should seriously look into a change of vocation when I return to Melbourne.

So, who is Ptarmak and what do they do? Here’s a brief introduction.

The following is The Andy Warhol Seiko Packaging they did. Will let the images speak for itself.

The Old Faithful Shop design & branding: Aside from the fact that the shop has cool stuff, the adaptation between the old and new from posters to stationary and logo to business cards, this pursuit is truly a work of art!

You can see more of their work here: PTARMAK

They’ve got a blog and I extracted one of their posts based on its controversial subject. Now this, I’m a little torn. I like the art direction and the visuals but the subject of dead deers, animal heads and sawed off antlers is a little offensive to me. But I will post them up in the name of “art”. Here’s a foreword:

Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with a life-like effect. Is there something more challenging? To make that which is dead appear to have rosy cheeks, to give life to the dead? No matter how much the end result appears to be complete and real, the one thing that’s always missing from the picture is life. There is something inexplicably absent in a stuffed animal.

Whether stuffed animals are perceived as disgrace or a trophy the one thing that can be said is that wildlife is beautiful.

Yup, it’s macabre art at its best but it’s not all gore featured in their blog. Check it out for some interesting topics and features. Its worth a read, glance and scroll. Side note: Check out their identity work for Chop Shop. Awesome!



  1. this is…amazing. i love the branding of the warhol work…the watches are incredible…i love the invites at the top! Great post!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I absolutely love the design of the invites too – letterpress is such an art. Glad its being revived. Ptarmak is just too cool for school. Though for the life of me can’t pronounce it. Pee-Tar-Mak or silent T, Parmak…*shrugs*

    p.s Can’t wait to visit the Old Faithful Shop when I visit Vancouver next year!

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