Cool Hunting in Singapore

Tucked within the flossy lanes in a somewhat secluded Ang Siang Hill on Club street, sits a charming and quirky little book shop called “Books Actually” that sells a wide array of literature but predominantly (i might be wrong), supports local writers and artists. I’ve taken heaps of pictures but have narrowed down to a couple. A word of caution: All images on this post, and in most for that matter, were taken with an iPhone so please pardon the blur and haze.

Sze told me about this little store before my trip to Singapore and I’m ever so thankful! It went straight into my top 10 list. Books Actually isn’t just ANY run of the mill retail. Floor to ceiling books piled and stacked, rows of shelves with little trinkets hanging over the wall, on the wall, from the wall and within every unoccupied nook and cranny – stuffed to the brim with thingamajigs you didn’t know you wanted but wished you had. The store is adorned with vintage typewriters, toys, cameras and rustic collectibles -most of which aren’t for sale anyway so swallow your excitement and look on in envy!


Evil little book store! Bless me the clemency to let-slip your reluctance to sell me

those gorgeous vintage rubber stamps.


If you thrive on flipping through pristine quality journals at the risk of occasional paper cuts, love browsing through handy crafts and inhaling the smell of newly bound notebooks, then you definitely need to check this place out!


This is their small pop up store at the Beauty Emporium located within House on Dempsy Hill.

Stationary haven!

Just down the road is The Little Drom Store, a little book and trinket shop parked within the confines and a pastry cafe, otherwise known as “Treehouse”. There I bought a vintage leather carrier for my notebook and camera, along with The Selby In Your Place book by the acclaimed Todd Selby.

I tripped over a pot of gold and landed in memory lane.


This is a picture Sze took showing a wider view of the store. Ain’t it pretty?

I love tracing the lanes for hole-in-the-wall boutiques on Ang Siang Hill, despite the blistering heat. When I popped into a store for some shelter from the sun and much needed air-conditioning, I spotted a sexy punk rock designed handmade tool box. Osteoporomesis! It made me go weak in my knees! I don’t remember the name of the store but might as well, it had a ridiculous price tag attached to it anyway.

I gave some serious thought buying it, debated the whole need versus want. M told me “So expensive! You can make it yourself!” Rightttt. Sometimes friendship breeds partisanship – like how love is blind –  but apparently biasness also fosters considerable naivety for one to spurt out such remarks.  Thanks for the vote of confidence all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I can doodle and sketch, come up with ideas and campaigns but, I ain’t no carpenter. Sigh…if only.

Black & gold handmade tool box with all my favorite symbols – cassette tape, antlers, skulls and bones.

View from the side – look how it opens up. What a work of art!

The sides – how rock chic is that? Imagine all the MT tapes and crafts I can store in this treasure box!

It comes in pink too! A little too Avril Lavigne meets Kimora Lee for me (read: “fabulosity”) but hey,

different folks, different strokes.

As always, with any trip down Singapore, meeting up with Rozz is mandatory; a requirement, a pleasure, a must. Here’s a few pictures she took of us when M and I went up to Singapore.


Above pic: That’s Rozz on the top right hand corner.



Above Pic: There she is again on the top and bottom left.

Sara Wee on the top right corner, M, Sara and I on the bottom right.

Above Pic: M & I

So yes, Ann Siang Hill in Singapore. I’ll post up a list of places I went on my last trip soon. Go look see, you’ll definitely find something you love and can’t afford – or in my case, can’t afford but buy anyway :/



  1. Thanks for sharing! Do post up a list of other shops please. I love stationary as well! Any food places?

  2. Ta. Will do 🙂 Check out for breakfasts from around the world!

  3. What an unusually awesome shop…and your photos are delicious!

  4. Thanks 🙂 Have you been to Singapore? If you do, let me know, I’ll send you a list of places to check out – based on your interest.

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