Sunday Fix

Rather reluctant to return home after a meal on a sunny Sunday arvo, M & I went to Wondermilk on a whim and had ourselves a lovely afternoon tea session.

Its necessary to revisit the quaint and whimsical every now and then. Especially when everything else in PJ and KL becomes unvaried and jejune, Wondermilk is a great juxtapose to the same old – eg. Boathouse, Tom Dick & Harry’s and other bars alike in TTDI. Granted the little cafe doesn’t offer alcohol – its nice to be sober once in a while. Things are less blurry.

Here’s M sipping on a latte, looking as if she’s on the cover of A Room With a View

I on the other hand, tried to beat the heat with a Passionfruit Surprise – did not work.

I tells ya, the KL heat is really getting to me this time of the year. Mad hot!

Blueberry cheesecake cupcake and Oreo Cookies cupcake. There is just something about sweet stuff that

embodies the unalloyed pleasures of life.

Also met up with my sister who was back for holidays. It was good seeing her again.

Somehow we always end up drinking though. Evidently – look at her massive mother of all Mojitos!

Look what goodies my inebriating sister got for me! A bambi laptop case for my mac. How thoughtful 🙂

Foldable speakers from Typo! Does not require battery or usb. Plug and play.

The much awaited read. Finally, I get to read the book before watching the movie. I’m not making the same

mistake I made with Harry Potter. I have since adopted the cardinal rule of “Read before thy proceed to cinema”.

And last but not least, a beautifully illustrated book with an equally appealing title.

Here’s a glimpse into the beautifully crafted book. Tres precious. Beautifully drawn and written.

“Like I Give A Frock” by Girl Michi

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! – cap locks & repetition is de rigueur in this context for you, reader, to sense my excitement!

If there’s something you should know about me and my many vices, is that I have an unhealthy obsession with illustration books, design publications and pretty packaging.

Hence, my most recent purchase of Aim High, Keep Moving!

I’d love to be able to share the innards of this gem of a book. I have attempted to do so but it’s leaps and bounds far from its true value & desirability! This is officially my best Basheer purchase yet! Am anxious to flip through its pages and soak up all the collective artistry it hordes!

I was pleasantly surprised when I brought it home, and flipped to the back end of the book – you see, it took me a whole of 5 minutes to decide I’d splurge on it and hence, I failed to notice…..

…a whole collection of goodies in the back pocket! There’s sheets  of stickers, a “decoder” to unravel images scattered throughout and a magnifying apparatus to explore the fine illustrations in deeper depth!

Check out the video for a flip through. Its simply too awesome to pass if you love design and scrap booking.

On a separate note, had a random conversation this morning (as all facebook chats goes), and thought I’d share a funny snippet with you.

My uncle messaged me on Facebook chat and within the first 3 minutes – devoid of customary pleasantries, asked me when I was going to tie the knot. I was a little taken aback, considering the fact that we have not spoken in over a year. Naturally, I laced my chagrin with a hint of sarcasm, to which I replied, “The only knot I’m tying are my fallopian tubes.” I shared this on my Facebook status, which received some chortles and flak. Am expecting Dad to call and give a lengthy oration on how inappropriate it is to say such things in public, followed with further guilt-probing protestation like….”So you mean to say you don’t want kids. At all?”

Trust me. I can feel it in my waters.



  1. BEAUTIFUL photos. love your sunday fixes…that coffeeshop looks SO badass, i love their branding!

    1. Hey thanks! Just snaps from my iPhone. Yeah I miss cafe’s like this. We have them everywhere in Melbourne but over here there’s just a hand full – precious weekend escapes. KL needs a wider variety of options – a remedy for the mundane!
      They’re also the Lomographic Embassy of Malaysia.

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