Creative Junkie

When I decided to quit my job, I knew I had to find a creative outlet to keep me sane. A friend of mine was organizing a weekly Sunday bazaar and was looking for vendors to participate. I thought, ‘Heck! Why the hell not? I love shopping. I love crafts and stationary. Why don’t I just set up my own stall?”. When I say I love crafts and stationary, I’m not kidding. You are looking at a serial collector. I find it a little challenging to use some of the lovely crafts I buy – a somewhat unhealthy attachment to material things, BUT I’m working on it :p

So back to the bazaar. I was pretty focused on it. I set out my objectives and asked myself, “what do I want to achieve from taking part in the bazaar?”

I listed them out on my notebook……….

  • Meet new people – like-minded people with similar interest and passion
  • Inspire creativity – have a stamping/d.i.y/scrapbooking crafts section (provide rubber stambs and inks, stencils…etc)
  • Not go into it for the big bucks – merchandise to be reasonably priced.
  • Have a valid reason to shop and ride on the rush in the name of “business opportunity”

………..and the rest was history.

After trashing out the idea with M (she was super supportive), we went off on a rampage around town one weekend in search for goodies. Most buyers go to Bangkok, China, Hong Kong. Our budget was way to paltry so we settled for a more local market. Surprisingly though, we managed to find sh*tloads of stuff and even went as far to purchase some VM for our stall/booth! I knew exactly how it would look and I was so excited! After mulling over it for a while, I decided that “Creative Junkie” has a nice ring to it. Rather apt no?

Well, here’s a glimpse!


In a glance.



Hand picked with love!



Star product: Lomo postcards! My personal favorite.










Here’s how much stuff I bought!


Right side.



Left side.



A closer look.



Notbooks & Notepads














Well, if only….

Turns out, the weekly bazaar is getting canned so I have a suitcase filled with merchandise and no bazaar to partake in! I didn’t spend too much on it so I’m not quite bothered not having an avenue to sell and to e honest, I’m quite happy to keep them all! I could also give them away as Christmas presents. They are good quality stuff and I wouldn’t sell anything I myself wouldn’t buy. Its niche but its nice 🙂

So this morning, I took the stuff out from my suitcase and played around, imagining myself setting up my little humble business. Thought I’d document it, before I either wrap them up into pressies or sell them off in another bazaar, should the opportunity arise. Cos seriously, I have wayyyy too many art stuff. At the risk of being the latest episode on Hoarders, I’d rather rid myself of it. A whole suitcase of it. But you know what? I had so much fun gathering the stuff, I don’t regret a single bit of it!

Can you tell I went a tad crazy with the buying frenzy?


Love them sticky notes! Adorable packaging.



Cute page markers.




A box of knick knacks



More notebooks! Ran out of space to stack them.



Random VM 🙂



Animal stickies.



Bought loads of pop up scrap booking embellishments!



A bundle of fantastic quality stickers.


So yes. You see all the stuff I bought and might very well keep?

You might just see a few familiar items in your Christmas stockings this year

– from yours truly!


Full spread.




  1. When I read about the bazaar (am a lover of craft & stationery too!) in the first paragraph I immediately made a mental note to ask for details so I could come! So am quite bummed out to find out that you won’t be selling these incredibly adorable knickknacks after all! 😦

    That’s a very impressive treasure chest of crafty goodies and stationery babe! Please do let me know when you’ve found an avenue to sell them cos I would love to come and bring them home with me 😛

  2. Emily! Didn’t realize it was you till I read your blog. Well I’m in a real dilemma! Not sure if I should source another bazaar to partake in. I’ll definitely let u know if I do. A friend suggested Bijou in November. We’ll see 🙂

  3. Haha am now just returning the blog stalking favour! 😛

    Oh please share the joy with many of us deprived souls who have no idea where to source for cute stationeries! Heh, yes do let me know – either through my blog or Twitter!

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